Upper Valley Rowing Foundation Hanover Connecticut River
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UVRF Sweep Certification (Coxswain and Rower) - Unsupervised Rows
Rower - certified for bow or stern pair in coxed boat (must also have certified coxswain) Rower - certified to toe straight four Rower-certified to toe pair Certified Coxswains
Rowan Carroll Rowan Carroll Rowan Carroll Alex Stein
Ala Crockett Ala Crockett Ala Crockett  
Erika Dade Erika Dade Erika Dade  
Terry Harwood Terry Harwood Terry Harwood  
Peter Kermond Peter Kermond Peter Kermond  
Linda Muri Linda Muri Linda Muri  
Carin Reynolds Carin Reynolds Carin Reynolds  
As of August 12, 2021